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I'm Digital Qlipz,
a creative filmmaker.

My true calling is giving, and I fulfill that duty by giving my audience a breathtaking experience through the stories I tell in the form of film.

My style is a combination between cinematic and artistic videography with a touch of special fx and creative lighting. My videos are inspired by Hollywood techniques, color, award-winning cinematography, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people I film!

My Skills

Creative Direction

Leadership and Communication play a huge roles in the director's chair. I take pride in bringing one's vision to life and making sure it is conveyed in the manner it is envisioned.

Film Production

Planning and Creativity makes a film stand out from the crowd. A high quality starts way before a camera is rolling and a set is in place. Attention to detail is an area I excel in.

Visual Effects

The flashes, transitions, smoke, green screens... that extra ``POP``! Visual FX creates illusions that adds flair to film. It brings in your audience because those subtle add-ons just gives your film that extra spice to enamor a viewer.

Filming Services

If you can envision it, I can film it. Music Videos, Commercials, Real Estate, Short Films, Vlogs, Highlights, etc.. I can do it all! I offer High Quality 4K Visuals, Aerial Drone Footage, and Cinematic Lighting to give your film the exact design it needs to resonate with your viewers.

Why Choose Me?

light composure

Lighting can make or a break a film. I focus on details.

Professional skills

I invest all my professionalism, commitment and care.

Perfect Equipment

Providing 4K, cinematic sequences, smooth transitions, drone footage, and pristine lighting is what I offer.

High Quality

Quality Visuals is the standard. Nothing else is expected or accepted.

unique vision

Dreams create new life in things that never existed.

focusing growth

I plan to expand my skill on top of each project due to non-complacency.

Let's Create
Great Things Together.

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